16 months old baby

Question: In which form should I give boiled egg to my toddler? Full boiled or semi boiled? Also I need breakfast idea for my daughter

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Answer: Hi Boiled egg is goog for health .below one year baby u will feed yellow first aftee then white because baby will easily digest yellow than white egg so first start with yolk The best breakfast for baby is all cereal malt means UGGU its very healthy for baby And you will start raagi malt ,browm rice ravva,kichidi,dosa,etc But dont force baby to eat if they dont like pls ignore such items .just feed them whatever they wil like Thank you
Answer: hi you should give full boiled egg 2 year baby don't give semi boil also you should give initially one boiled egg in a day to see if it suits the baby if it is Suiting you can continue giving the baby the egg in any form
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Question: Hi, my daughter is 8 month old. When can I introduce her to eggs? Also in which form, boiled or scrambled? And for how many days in a week should I give her and one full egg or just half an egg? jm
Answer: Hi dear doctor do saya to start egg yolk from 8 months but I started giving it from 10 months when my baby got some teeth. Also don't give egg white as it can give rash. Give it after 1 year of age. Also u can give egg thrice a week by giving gap but in first 3 days give ur baby everyday to check if she is not getting any allergy with egg intake.
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Question: Can i eat egg in boiled form or fry form ?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. Egg is a good source of calcium and protein. You can either have boiled or dry, it would be your choice. However, please do not consume raw. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: Boiled egg is good or omlet for my toddler
Answer: Boiled egg is much better than omelet... Since boiled foods are usually good to ur baby like idli , kozhukattai, arisi puttu etc.... So always prefer boiled foods than fried one
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