3 months old baby

Question: In what position does a 3 month baby shall sleep? Can she sleep on her sides or is it necesaary to sleep on back support only? Need expert advice. I can see my baby sleep well on her sides, but many times when she sleep on her back, she does not sleep for long.

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Question: will it harm my baby if lie down in my back. do I need to sleep only on sides?
Answer: No dear it wont harm U can keep on changing ur position while sleeping as left side sleeping is helpful for baby's respiratory system
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Question: How long can a pregnant women sleep on her back
Answer: Actually not long time but u can sleep on ur back for short time. Bcoz when u try to get flip ur body from straight position to left or right position it starts paining while changing positions In ur bsckbonre nd bumps.. So try to sleep on 3ight or left side u will feel more comfortable
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Question: My baby always sleep on sides,when i place her on back,she wakes up..what shuf i do?
Answer: Hello mom, any position is good for ur baby but 5 months old baby now start to roll so, the best sleeping position for ur baby is sleep on back. But u should frequently change the position of baby as baby can get reshape of head while sleeping in a single position.
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