11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In the pregnancy face da colour change hoo sakda like kalla or gora ??

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Answer: Hi, haji pregnancy mein skin colour change ho sakta hai kisi kisi logon ko skin dark Ho jati hai mujhe apne pregnancy mein mera skin colour dark ho gaya tha.
Answer: Kuch log ainda kehve c.... but menu ni lgda. Mera to same hi hai.
Answer: Depends on your internal hormonal changes..
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Question: Change in colour of stool is normal in pregnancy??
Answer: Hi dear, Change is stool color to black is common.Black stool in pregnancy is mostly due to iron supplement.very rarely it could.be due to internal bleeding.but that is extreme rare case.while taking iron supplements,body cannot absorb all the iron,so it comes out of body through motion,thereby giving it black colour.they are harmless and nothing to be worried about.unless you have any other issue related to extreme constipation,then not to worry.once you stop iron supplements,stool color would come back to normal.
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Question: Face colour change
Answer: Hello dear! Your baby will change color as it grows.The skin colour is determined by the genes at the time of conception. There's nothing to be done in improving the complexion. Also the baby's skin being soft can cause reactions. So better not to try anything.
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Question: Is there any change in the urine colour during pregnancy??
Answer: Hi Dear, It can be dark yellow sometimes due to usage of medicines specially in the morning but anything other than that needs to be reported to the Dr. Hope this helps"
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