30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In the latest scan it shows that there are 2 cords around the baby neck. Please let me knw if its normal. I am worried.

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Answer: My dear don't worry it will not harm the baby and your now in 30 weeks possibly in the next few weeks the the baby can turn and this loops and come out. Hope this helps. Take care
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    Eshanya Shukla483 days ago

    Nothing to worry.Its normal as baby moves around.

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Question: Its almot 37weeks ....and two umbical cords are seen around fetel neck is it normal
Answer: Hello dear, there's nothing much to worry about...babies often tend to get themselves entangled in the umbilical cord and get themselves out as well...so do not worry.. but if you at any point feel that something is not right... please go to the gynecologist without thinking twice... You know your baby and your body best...
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Question: In latest scan, doctor told there is loose chord precent around baby's neck...is it normal?
Answer: Cord around the neck is commonly occurring in some of the births. Most of time, we don't know about it going into labor and the cord is simply unwrapped and the baby is fine. Rarely is the nuchal cord wrapped so tight that it causes the issue.
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Question: Today I scan and my scan shows single loose cord around the baby neck. Please tell me is it normal
Answer: Hi...this happens...however, we need to keep a track of baby movements....if you notice no baby movements, eat something and lie on left side...if still there is no movement, contact your doctor...if the baby is moving, everything is ok:)
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