6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In scan they saw yolk say and fetal pole.... But they didn't see heart beat.... And as per the lmp I am 8 weeks.... As per the scan 6 weeks... And I have 40 days period.... Is it any pblm....

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Answer: Hi dear, Wait for another week and get a scan again.by 9 the week you should be getting baby heart beat.now that your gestational age is 8 weeks.so wait till 9 th week.
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Question: I'm 6w 2d as per LMP. Today in scan, saw gestational sac and yolk. But no foetal pole or heart beat. Is it normal? Told to take a repeat scan after three weeks.
Answer: Hello dear, heartbeat of your baby can be detected and heard in an ultrasound only post 8 weeks of pregnancy... And it is quite normal for the fetal pole to not be visible until about 9 weeks..so in your next scan everything will be clearer.. stay positive dear.. don't worry.. everything will be fine..
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Question: My 7th weeks scan done they find the fetal pole but not saw the heart beat. Why... I'm tensed
Answer: Hi dear don't get tensed. It is common not to get heartbeat sometimes at this week. U should visit doctor after 2 weeks as sometime the beat being very slow it get undetected.
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Question: I am 6 week pregnant and in the scan I saw gestational sac as of now and there is no fetal pole and yolk sac seen yet. When can I expect yolk sac and fetal pole
Answer: Dear wait for couple of week more, take up a nutritious diet and proper rest, have faith. ALL will go well..
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