34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In report 33 weeks 0 days what does it means???

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Answer: Its Your baby Gestational Age according to the scan.
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    Shaheen Begum453 days ago

    0 days means???

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Question: I m 33 weeks pregnant and my baby show hydronephrosis in kidney what does it means
Answer: Hydronephrosis describes swelling of the kidney resulting from the inability of urine to drain from the kidney into the bladder. Depending on the level of the cause, hydronephrosis may be unilateral involving one kidney or bilateral involving both. The increased pressure caused by hydronephrosis potentially can compromise kidney function if it is not relieved in a reasonable period of time.
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Question: What does it means placenta grade is grannum 0?
Answer: As your pregnancy progresses, the placenta will mature which is measured in grades. Grade 0 means your placenta does not show any calcifications and therefore has not started to mature,which is good.
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Question: 33 weeks 0 days means end of 33 weeks or start of 33 weeks??
Answer: It means that you're 33 weeks pregnant and you just started with the 34th week of pregnancy...
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