10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In pregnancy can i take ginger,lemon ,rock salt warm water in morning?

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Answer: Hi.. Yes, dear you can have it but in moderate quantity, as excess of anything is bad..
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Question: Is ginger, honey and lemon warm water safe during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi dear, you can drink lemon honey water to fight with early morning symptoms. But ginger,lemon, honey tea is not to take on regular basis. It is a remedy of cough n cold & you only drink it twice a day when you are suffering from any such problem Regular intake of ginger in pregnancy can creat complications.
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Question: Can i take lemon salt in pregnancy?
Answer: For 7 months baby you can give tulsi leaf juice mix with honey.. Empty stomach it vl b more helpful ful. Give thrice a day. It vl cure cough. Don't worry its totally safe. I also used this for my baby 1st baby when she is at same age.
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Question: Can I drink warm lemon water in the morning ?
Answer: Hi, yes you can definitely drink. It helps in constipation and lemon is rich in vitamin c, hence helps.
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Question: I am 6 week pregnant.. can I take lemon warm water in morning??
Answer: hello.. dear lemon and luke warm is good and safe in pregnancy. lemon is the vitamin c source and it has lots if benefits for the baby development. so make sure it should be luke warm water not warm water. all the best..happy pregnancy
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