14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In nt scan nasam bone is unossified..im afraid..when wil it grow for my baby..but the down syndrome risk is 1:1252

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Answer: Hi dear, The risk factor seems to be high.you would be asked to get another test done now to confirm.your doctor would let your know.
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    Santhiya Kumar643 days ago

    This s normal..in nxt scan the nasal bone wil b seen..even i faced the same

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Question: What is meant by unossified nasal bone?? Is there any chance for the baby to have down syndrome??
Answer: Hi dear unossified is when the nose bone has not developed and yes this is a chance that it could be down syndrome. But it is only a possibility so the doctors will do other tests and then give a final result of the combined test. please stay strong this is for the betterment of your baby
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Question: My NT scan showed absent nasal bone. Is this a high risk marker for down syndrome. NT measurements was normal. Has anyone done through this. Please help
Answer: Hi dear, so if nasal bone is absent but other measurements are normal then further scan is required like double marker and triple marker to check the growth and other measurements. Only then anything can be said. But don't stress out just relax and stay positive everything will be fine.
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Question: Risk for down syndrome 1:5191.it is high risk?
Answer: hi dear! no dear this value is not an high risk pregnancy dear so dont worry dear. you can relax! take care.
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