16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In nt scan my plesenta in low line .its problematic or risky.

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Answer: No..but take rest..don't lift heavy items..everything would b okay soon
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Question: I have found low lying placenta in my 3rd month scan.. Is it risky?
Answer: Hello Dear Low lying placenta is a common issue. It's the position in which the embryo plants itself. Usually it should be on the side or top of uterus. In my case it's lying at the bottom covering the internal OS. It usually gets resolved on its own as and when pregnancy progresses meaning it shifts few inches upwards you can't do anything to correct it. It might lead to occasional or severe bleeding. As long as there is no severe bleeding there is no need for complete bed rest. You can lead normal life doing your usual chorus like going to office doing household activities, traveling. You just need to be llittle cautious like to avoid heavy jerks, heavy weight lifting , heavy exercises. You cannot have intercourse. That's all. In many cases placenta shifts up. If not then you cannot have a normal delivery. I would advise to go through another doctor for second advise as I have never been asked for bed rest. Take care
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Question: I have done my nt scan at 14 week 6 days and in the scan report nt scan was 0.0mm is it risky for baby??
Answer: Dear your nt scan results is low which means baby dont have any risk of any abnormalities. So don't worry ..
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Question: My placentia is low ... what should i do ? Or is it safe having ultrasound or Nt scan in same month .. its my 18 week
Answer: Hey dear you are not mentioned that how low is your placenta, what is the distance of placenta margin from the internal OS. you are saying that it is low lying so you need to take good rest Keep taking progesterone tablets Avoid Sexual intercourse for any physical activity chances of bleeding are always there in these cases so any episode of bleeding please consult your doctor immediately For USG sound or NT scan , scan never affect the position of the Placenta and there is no harm in getting it done.
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