35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In my scanning reports my EDD dates are not matching. I had my last scanning 19 feb in that got im 28 weeks 1 day. That means now im how many weeks and there is any problem of not matching EDD dates

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Answer: Hello dear. The edd keeps changing based on the growth of your baby. And trust me baby is delivered in majority of the cases quite late then edd. Mine was 9th nov and delivery happened on 23rd. So for now do not stress so mu mch about it and focus on ur health. Which week you are in still counted from your last period dat. Hope it helps.
Answer: Hi dear, Could you please share your last menstrul period date?a week or two delay is alright.if there is a huge lag of almost 1 month(4-5 weeks) then other aspects needs to be examined like IUGR cases.kindly check with your doctor too.
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    swapna rani840 days ago

    July 8 is my last period date

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Question: my edd 28 Feb I had lower abdominal and back pain last night now its go can it be labour?
Answer: Hii, it is a kind of labour pain, you can feel many times before delivery. Actual labour pain start from back and spread abdomen, legs and whole body paining at a same time, pain will be increase every minute. It comes and go again and again but don't stop.  if you find that symptoms. Visit ur doctor as soon as possible....
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Question: My EDD is on 4th Feb. Baby movements are very slow now. Is there any problem?
Answer: Dear it's completely normal for baby to have active and lazy days.. some days you will feel baby is playing football inside and some days you will feel baby didn't move at all.. don't worry it's completely normal baby's movement are important it can be high or low...
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Question: In which weak last scanning will be advised.now am completed 35weaks.my edd dates are different in each scan.last scanning edd date is correct or not.
Answer: You will get another growth scan and colour doppler studies closer to your due date, between 36 and 40 weeks to: 1.) check the position of umbilical cord 2.) measure the amount of amniotic fluid 3.) check the placental position and maturity 4.) know your baby's position and weight 5.) check your baby's wellbeing and circulation 6.) assess how a previous caesarean scar appears Dear the calculation of expected date of delivery (EDD) is quite simple you need to add 40 weeks or 280 days (9 months and 7 days) to your LMP(last period date). Like if ur last period date is 9 feb then ur expected delivery date will be:- 9 feb +9 months = 9 November 9 NOv + 7 days = 18 November is the Expected delivery date. Please note this is an expected delivery date. There are lot of factors which define the final date of delivery depending on ur pregnancy condition.
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