35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In my scanning I have got ammino fluid level marginally reduced and my doctor say tat the baby stomach circumference is only 10percent is der any issues Pls tell me I am stressed out alot

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Question: According to the Doctor my water level around baby is low and he suggested to take the baby out. Is there any way to increase the fluid level
Answer: Hello Drink lots, take baths, rest! Also, make sure they measure you several times because in the last few weeks of your pregnancy, the baby can block pockets of fluid so the ultrasound tech can't see them. Since just a few centimeters can make a difference between low fluid and fluid that's on the low side of the normal range, make sure you always get at least one follow-up ultrasound or second opinion. That happened to me when I was 35 weeks - I measured a borderline low and then a few days later at the low end of normal. My baby came four weeks later and was absolutely fine! But resting is really important, because low fluid can be dangerous for the baby. If it gets really low, they will induce your labor. If you can, try to get other family or friends to help you take care of yu while you stay off your feet as much as you can. Maybe your mom or someone can come stay with you. Take care
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Question: I am 28 weeks pregnant and my AFI is 25.9,. Doctor says that the fluid content is high. Would there by any issues with my baby? Also how tcab the fluid be reduced?
Answer: Hi dear, During pregnancy,amniotic fluid is the protective barrier or cushion for your baby. Though we never think about it at initial stages of pregnancy,but later stages it becomes an important criteria to detect baby's health. Women with inadequate AFI and women with more AFI are both not normal for sure. More than normal ranges fluid could lead to preterm labor by increasing more pressure build up. It could also be due to few reasons: 1- mother's sugar level out of control 2-baby not swallowing enough fluid 3- baby producing excessive urine 4- swelling up in baby's body with excess fluid 5- genetic reasons Certain complications attached to this is preterm labor and Babies are also more likely to move into positions which aren’t ideal for birth. There are certain treatments for this .you can talk to your doctor if it is really required.
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Question: Hi madam now iam 38weeks in 7months scanning antimoic fluid is10.8cm in 9months doctor said fluid level is less any problems me and baby pls tell me
Answer: Don't worry dear drink coconut water then fluid will increase..
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