8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In my scan report shown.. Gravid uterus Fetal pole is seen Yolk sac is visualized Internal os is closed FHR 150bpm No evidence of retrochorionic hemmohage What it means?? Is there any problems with my scan report??

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Answer: Dear this means that in report baby is seen and babys heartbeat is 150 beat per minute. There is no problem in it so just relax..
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Question: Hi,My scanning report result is yolk Sac and fetal pole not visualized ...is there any problem
Answer: Hi dear, It is absolutely normal.and please donot worry.i had the the similar thing during my pregnancy.there was no sac detected and had to revisit at 8 th week.and there was my baby with heart beat.ao it's just a matter of beta HCG levels,which increases in different pace in each individual.and when you conceive late in the cycle,you would have gradual increase of this hormone.only when the beta HCG levels are 1500 plus, gestational sac,yolk sac and then heart beat is detected.so please rescan after few weeks.it is pretty normal thing.
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Question: in my first trimester scan found gravid uterus Fetal pole seen what it means
Answer: Hi dear gravid means heavy and any pregnant uterus can be gravid but at 8 weeks if the fetal Pole is not seen yet there are chances that it can be seen later also because in in a lot of pregnancy it is common if your doctor has asked you to take another ultrasound after sometime like for 10 days you can go ahead and take that ultrasound again and I am sure this time it should be visible .. Hope this helps
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Question: Gestational sac 10.4mm with yolk sac,no fetal pole not seen
Answer: no need to worry about it just wait 2weeks abd then repeat ur scanning
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