36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In my scan report, baby have 2.565 wt .. Is it too much or low

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Answer: It's normal weight
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Question: I have low placenta in TIFFA scan report. Is it any problem to My baby?please give me your answer!!
Answer: Hi. In low lying placenta it isnt problem for baby for now, but you need to take lot of care of your self. Like dont walk or stand too much, also walk very slow and carefully. Also be in your doctors contact regularly, he would tell you some safety majors. Do follow them strictly. Good luck.
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Question: my 5th month scan report says that baby in breech position and low lying placenta it will change or not
Answer: Baby changes their position in the ending of 8th mnth than doc recommend you doppler scan for knowing the exact position of baby then they decide fir normal delivery or c sec
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Question: Recently I have gone through tiffa scan and in the report it says low lying placenta
Answer: Hi dear, Am sorry to hear about this news.but dear relax and donot panic.though this is not that common but placenta prevea in second trimester can fix itself till you deliver.but you need to observe for any kind of bleeding.do inform your doctor immediately about any bleeding. Most of the women with this complication would undergo c- section .keep monitoring the placement of placenta in your follow up scans.please do not lift heavy objects. Take plenty of rest. And be positive.
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