18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In my quadruple test it was mention that.. Neural tube defects screening screen negative..trisomy 18 screening screen negative.. trisomy 21 screening screen positive....is there any problem? Is any other test available to detect it?

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Answer: Hi there in your test report trisomy 18 and neural tube defects screening both and negative so it is good but if trisomy 21 is positive there will be few other tests to check as to what is the exact problem so please don't worry there is a way to detect that. Hope this helps!
Answer: Absolutely normal....but go for NT and NB TEST....its done during 12th to 13th week....u can go for second anomaly scan....in 18th to 21 weeks....consult ur doc....she will tell what to do next...or ur reports are sufficient for any abnormalities
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Question: In quadruple test Trisomy 21 screening is positive. What is it mean? Tell me pla
Answer: Hello dear if the screening of trisomy 21 is normal meaning that there are chances that your baby has chromosomal or genetic problem. But this is not the final test if it is positive than doctors will ask you for another test known as amniothesis. To confirm if there is a problem. After that the doctor will tell you the final decision. see with the heavy heart I want to tell you that it is not easy to bring a special child in this world that is why the doctors do this test to tell you before hand about the babies mental health.
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Question: My trisomy 21 screening test is negative is that ok
Answer: Yes its gpod. If it was positive baby might have some abnomalities but you dont need to be worried.
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Question: I am 19 week pregnant. I do maternal screen (Quadruple test)in 2nd trimester.Neural tube defects screening is negative. Trisomy 18 screening is negative. Trisomy 21 screening is negative. It is normal?
Answer: S it's normal ur baby does not have any defects.he/she is perfect
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