2 months old baby

Question: In my baby's stool there is mucus type one what is it.

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Answer: Hello dear. Congratulations on your motherhood. If stool has visible mucus or green in color it can be a sign of bacterial infections. It also happens if the baby is on more of formula milk. You can consult your pediatrician, so that the doctor would be able to treat this. Not to worry, your baby would be fine. Take care.
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Question: Mucus are more in my baby's stool
Answer: If your baby is exclusively breastfed,then it is quite a common thing.as breastmilk gets digested completly and absorbed by the body almost,so not much is excreated out ,the intestinal secretions are like mucous that comes out of stool.also if baby has cold,the phlegm would come out through stool.not to be worried.it used to happen to my baby too
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Question: there is mucus in stool is it normal?
Answer: Hi Dear! Its completely normal it means baby had mucus due to cold or cough. Babies dont know how to take the cough out through mouth like adults and the outlet for them is either vomit or poop, so its completely normal for babies to hv mucusy poop. Good luck!
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Question: Hello my baby stool has white mucus in it . Stool colour is normal yellow. But there is a little amount of mucus in it . What is the cause? Is there any prblm? My baby is 5.5 month old
Answer: dear please a doctor se check Kijiye because white mucus kabhi-kabhi diarrhoea KB symptoms Hote Hain
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