20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In my abdominal scan ..placenta is posterior upper .....what does it mean ..what to do and in placenta posterior upper ..is normal delivery possible or cesarean is done

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Answer: hi dear if Placenta is posterior upper means that the Placenta is attached to the back and upper side of the uterus and this is a normal position right now you are in your 20 weeks as your uterus will grow this Placenta can shift. it cannot be set for certain if you are going to have a normal delivery or cesarean hope that helps take care
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Question: hi... placenta is posterior, upper segment.... what does it mean???
Answer: Hello dear this is normal position of placenta don't worry.. After the egg fertilises, it travels down your fallopian tube, and gets embedded in your uterus (womb). At exactly this place where the fertilised egg implants in your uterus, your placenta gets formed. Thus, the position where placenta implants and develops may vary from person to person.Posterior placenta, where the placenta lies on the back wall of your uterus.
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Question: What does it mean by placenta posterior in scan ?
Answer: Hello dear. Placentas typically attach themselves in the back side of the utreus it is called posterior Placenta. Take care.
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Question: My placenta is posterior upper, what does it mean i.e. right or left?
Answer: Hi. Posterior placenta means your placenta is on backside of your uterus. .
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