33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In my 32 weeks scan it is denoted that placenta is anterior upper segment.I am doubtful that is it is normal or not ?

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Question: Hi im 32 weeks pregnant... My growth scan shows that PLACENTA IS ANTERIOR AND THE UPPER UTERINE SEGMENT. IT IS OF GRADE 3 MATURITY. so is it ok???
Answer: The only thing to care about is your placental maturity because placental maturity is grading for your Placenta how well it functions so great 0 grade 1 Grade 2 and grade 3 and grade 4 these are 4 grades where 0,1,2 means very good function while 3/4 means slight restrictions so a scan in 36 weeks will reveal if there will be any problem as such but do not worry usually in third trimester after 32 weeks there have been 60 % of cases with grade 3 Placenta and they have had normal delivery if there were no other issues such as in your case Placenta is anterior which is very normal and it is in the upper uterine segment that means it is not low lying so do not worry
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Question: Hi I am 22 weeks pregnant, my placenta is upper anterior position, grade 0. Normal delivery possible or not?
Answer: Hi dear, Anterior placenta growing downwards could be an issue as it could block the birth canal candidate cause you severe bleeding during labor or anytime of pregnancy.you would need c- section. But in your case the position is up,,it won't be an issue.anterior placenta provide extra cushioning to your baby.its like a wall between your tummy and your baby thereby you the impact of baby movements are less.nothing to worry it provides the same amount of nutrition like any other placenta.and if it moving anywhere other than blocking the birth canal,it is safe and you can undergo normal delivery.maturity or calcification of placenta starts from 12 the week and ranges 0 to grade 3.grade 0 is nothing to be worried about.as your pregnancy progresses,your placenta would starts maturing gradually.
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Question: Hi tiffa scan says that placenta placed in anterior upper segment grade 1 what does it mean is it normal
Answer: Hi dear uterus looks like a inverted pot and it has four waii, your placenta attaches to the upper part of front wall i.e. towards your tummy. This is absolutely normal. In 24 weeks grade 1 maturity of placenta is also normal. Don't worry everything is fine in your report.
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