21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In anamoly scan, baby weight is 308gms. Is this normat @19week ?

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Answer: Hi, yes weight is good. Baby is developing fine no worries.
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    null_0407_871749607 days ago

    Thank you..

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Question: In which week anamoly scan is done?????
Answer: Hello Dear... anamoly scan is also known as mid pregnancy scan,it is usually carried out in second trimester, it takes place between 18 to 21 weeks,but usually it is performed in 20 weeks,in this scan they will close look you and your baby,the sonographer will check whether baby is growing normally and lying of your placenta
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Question: Is anamoly scan internal or external ? How to do this and wt is anamoly scan ?
Answer: Hi it is done externally... To check all the organs like stomach kidney bladder heart brain etc along with bones n spine development n there sizes etc of ur baby... To find out any abnormalities...
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Question: Tdy in anamoly scan baby heart beat is 152 nd in nt scan baby heart beat is 162..is this normal
Answer: Hi,yes it is normal.anything between 120-160 is considered to be normal Don't worry
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