37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: In My ultrasound report fetal weight is 3128gm And fl is 7.86 is it normal?

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Answer: baby's weight is good but amniotic level is a little bit low so please drink at least 20 glasses of water daily to maintain proper amniotic fluid level.
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Question: As per my ultrasound report. Weight of thevfetal is 419+_ 34 gms and fetal heart rate is 146/min.. Is it normal?
Answer: The normal fetal heart rate is 120-160bpm so your baby's heart rate is within the range...and at 23 weeks is 430-500grams.. your baby's weight is almost within the range... eating sufficient amount of protein will help improve your baby's weight during pregnancy..
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Question: Fetal heartrate is 126bpm n my ultrasound report today is it normal pls help
Answer: Hi, dear baby's heartbeat can be anywhere from 110-170 beat per minute and according to that your baby's heartbeat is absolutely healthy and normal there is nothing to worry about it..
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Question: I am 33week pregnant my fetal weight is 1850 and fl is 5.6 is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear baby weight is fine . Fluid level is.little.less so focus on diet and have more fruits vegetable juice and drink more water....should help.you..hope this helps
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