7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Implantion bleeding is normal

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Answer: Hello dear. Yes it is normal when it happens a week or 5 days before your periods or in case of late conception it couod also happens on the day when your periods were actually due but no bleeding in 7 weeks of pregnancy is called implantation bleeding. So for this you need to vonsult gynae. Hope it helps.
Answer: Hi dear, Some ladies get implantation bleeding in their early pregnancy period.it is absolutely normal.though the bleeding is just like spotting for not mor than 2 days.
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Question: What is implantion bleeding
Answer: Hello! Implantation bleeding is spotting or light bleeding which is more of pinkish color. It is not like regular periods and takes place when the embryo gets implanted. But it is not necessary that everyone will have an implantation bleeding. Take care
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Question: Implantion bleeding kb hoti h
Answer: Hi dear. I'm basically implantation bleeding the first three months Mein hoti hai kabhi kabhi 4th month mai bhi hoti hai lekin zaroori Nahi Hai Ki Yeh Sab Koho Kuch female to bilkul Nahin Hoti mujhe bhi nahin hui thi .
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Question: Is it important to have implantion bleeding
Answer: Hi dear it is not at all necessary as I never undergo implantation bleeding and I had a healthy pregnancy. Do take care of ur diet. And don't take useless stress.
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