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Question: Im trying to get pregnant for one yr, each month cycle end im getting afraid whether il conceive in this cycle or not? So im getting stressed wen i fail

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Answer: Hello dear The best way to increase your odds of getting pregnant quickly is to make sure that you are having sex at the right time in your cycle. If you have regular cycles, you will ovulate around two weeks before your period. This means your fertile window will be the seven days before your expected ovulation.
Answer: If you are trying to conceive, very first thing that you should avoid is stress. Just dont think whether you will make it or not , just be normal and happy.. try having intercourse every alternate day for best results. And avoid eating foods that are heat to the body.. have more water and fruits and veggies.
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Answer: Hi dear if u r trying from 1 year and not getting pregnant. U should consult doctor for getting check u n ur husband fertility. It will surely help u to know the reason as well solution to get pregnant.
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Question: I am trying to conceive and have missed my periods since last 6 never knows whether she is pregnant or not... while trying to conceive in early if i am pregnant and i am traveling in local, running, getting pushed in the stomach in is it safe?
Answer: Dear firstly if you missed your period then have a pregnancy test and for test use first midstream urine of the day because it will show accurate results. Also if you think you are pregnant then avoid traveling in such conditions to avoid any complication.
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Question: Its going to b one year but still im not pregnant..... Im trying and gone through medical check up also.... But still not able to conceive... Wen s the right tym to b n relationship.
Answer: Hello Get an ovulation strip so u get to know ur ovolation days. u ll know ur best chance to keep trying . Eat butter fruit or avocado as it helps in conception. Stay well hydrated exercise well so u ll get good endorphin levels wch will keep u and ur body happy. Stay positive and happy so u ll see good results soon.
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