30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im in 30 week pregnent... Doctr told going to consalt a cardiologist ... Why ?

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Answer: Hi dear cardiologist is the doctor who takes care of your heart related issues now if you already have something heart related or there is a complaint that you have made to your gynecologist regarding your heart rate or any problem as such then only your gynecologist has told you to see a cardiologist .. Hope this helps!
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    Divya jithin837 days ago

    In scaning my babies heart rate 136 is it normal

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    Shivi Singla837 days ago

    Yes heart rate is normal

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Answer: Hi dear, it can happen whenever your baby would decide to come. You are close to your edd so be prepared. All the best darling. Few more days may be. Waiting for good news
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Question: hii im 30 week pregnent i have swelling in leg what to do???
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