35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 34weeks running..may i consume cheese?or cheese pizza?is that safe for me n my baby?

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Answer: Hello dear Yes, it is safe to eat cheese in pregnancy provided that it is made of pasteurised milk. But have it in moderate amount because it is fairly high in fat, can lead to an increased calorie intake and weight gain. it is totally restricted to have junk food in pregnancy. If u are eating fast food when pregnant then u may actually be putting ur own health at risk. Because most fast food contains high amounts of fat and calories, women who eat these foods on a regular basis may experience excessive weight gain during their pregnancy.
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Question: Can I have pizza?is it safe to have cheese
Answer: Hi dear yes you can have pizza once awhile it is also safe to eat cheese. But remember pizza is made of maida and this is not a very healthy option for you
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Question: Can I eat pizza with cheese? Is it safe to eat cheese?
Answer: Hi dear, Occasional pizza is fine to consume.but donot make it regular,as it is empty in calories.no nutrious value and only adds unhealthy fat in body. Maida as base is a junk and could lead to constipation.processed cheese are high in fat content could lead to unhealthy fat.cheese is safe to eat.try the home made cottage cheese.commercial cheese is high in sodium would increase your BP. try to avoid pizza overall.rather cook it at home,with whole wheat base and cottage cheese as toppings.
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Question: Hi I m 13weeks pregnant is pizza n coca cola safe for me n baby
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy you can have pizza in hot condition as it is hard to digest you can have once a month or maximum twice a month but Coca-Cola is full of sugar and preservatives which is not at all good for you and babies growth take care
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