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Question: Im 34 weeks pregnant...amionitic fluid is 10 n baby wgt is 1.6...i took arg 9 powder bt im allergic to it...sufdering frm severe constipation n chest pain...feeling restlessness...

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Answer: hi dear! then you can try with natural things like having plenty of fluid intake like water , buttermilk , juices. and also fruits and vegetables with high water content in them like tomatoes , cucumber , lettuce , broccoli , cauliflower , watermelons , strawberries and so on. this will help to increase the fluid levels dear. take care.
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Question: 15 weeks pregnant frm yesterday nyt im feeling light pain in lower cones n it harm for baby
Answer: Hello dear, it is absolutely normal to feel this pain.. it happens because your uterus is expanding and getting bigger to accommodate your baby.. as your uterus gets bigger and moves upward to the middle of your stomach it can cause lower abdominal pain and back there is nothing to worry at all..
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Question: 33 weeks pregnant .....Amniotic fluid is less 10 & baby wgt is low1.6....can it create problem
Answer: Your doctor will give you oral medication to improve your fluid levels or through iv... Mine was also low.. So i got both and not its better.... Low fluid results in complications if not taken care.... Plz go to your doctor and see to it...
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Question: Im pregnant with twins yest i went to scan 1 fetus is 34 weeks 6 days n second one is 34 weeks 34 weeks mns 9 month right
Answer: Hi Dear! 34 weeks is 8 months.. Trimester Three Month 7- Week 27-30 Month 8- Week 31-35 Month 9- Week 36-40.. Hope this helps!
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