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Question: Im 32 weeks pregnant and my ultrasound scan report says my cord insertion is at the lower margin of the placenta.can i have normal delivery

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Answer: Hi dear! So this condition is called a battledor placenta or a marginal insertion of cord. As long as the baby is getting blood supply there should be no problem dear but your baby should be monitored closely . It can cause certain complications but right now we should just keep a track on the baby very closely. If at anytime the movement of the baby decreases you should inform the doctor . Dont worry just be poisitve dear and evrrything will be fine. Take care dear. I hope this information is helpful to you.
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Question: I am 34 weeks pregnant and my scan report says that the cord around the neck seen. Is it possible to have normal delivery? i am afraid of c sec so please tell me
Answer: Hi Dear! I understand you r worried, but pls stay calm, if its a single loop dont worry babg can slid thru it while playing but if its a double or triple loop pls keep notocing the movements closely and prepare yourself fr a C-Section. I wud also say pls dont get afraid unnecessarily, C-Sections r also very sophisticated now a days and the recovery doesnt take much time or almost same as Normal.. Sending a lot of strength, all the best..
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Question: Maam I am 32 weeks pregnant and my usg report says umbilical cord is around the neck is it normal or something wrong
Answer: Generally Cord around baby's neck is not a problem for foetus but sometimes create problems for the baby during normal delivery Babies get their oxygen through the cord, so if the umbilical cord became so compressed that it completely cut off the cord blood flow which usually happens when you get labour contractions and cause fetal distress To prevent this, doctor would suggest caesarian section instead of normal delivery
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Question: My scan report says cord is around the neck of fetus .can i have normal delivery?
Answer: Hi i scared wen I saw ur answer. But I have normal delivery
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