28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 28 weeks pregnant recently i ate prawns is there any side effects of that pls suggest. The colour of my urine has become dark yellow. So m afraid of the same.

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Answer: Hi dear...some are allergic or intolerance to sea foods and nonveg items dats why pregnant women are adviced to avoid such foods.There won't be side effects don't worry.. according to ur statement the toxins would be flushed out through the urine..coz after eating nonveg the urine will be mostly yellow due to the heat content of the foods,.so don't stress urself drink more water..have something to cool ur body like citrous juices,mint ri've,temdercoconut,buttermilk in small quantity until you feel okay...nothing to worry..concentrate on what you are eating,go with organic and take care.
Answer: Hello dear, Yes u can eat prawns in pregnancy when it is cooked thoroughly and don't eat it raw but eat in moderation amount. Consuming prawns in excess can lead to adverse effects during pregnancy. Always consult ur doctor before consuming any food item. If ur urine color is dark yellow, it means that ur body is having less water. So, drink as much water as u can.
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Question: The first urine colour is dark yellow. Is there any problem?
Answer: Hi dear, yes that is normal. It is because of the long gap, and also the hormonal changes. Don't worry. Drink lots of water and buttermilk daily. Frequently go pass urine, so that the toxins are flushed out and the urine color is lighter.
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Question: The colour of my urine is dark yellow.. and i feel pain in my vagina sometimes.. is there any symptom of urinary infection
Answer: Yes dear, it could be. Usually when your urine is orange or dark in color, you need more water. Just plain water. Sometimes when you take your prenatal or other vitamin or drink coffee it can change the color of your urine. I suggest a couple of really large glasses of water. If that doesn't help then, call your doctor.
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Question: My urine colour is dark yellow almost all time of the day..does it hv any problem
Answer: Keep ur body hydrated. Jitna ho sake pani piyo. Pani kam pine se ye prblm hoti h
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Question: Hiii all im 14 weeks pregnant and my colour of the urine is dark yellowish is there anything prblm wit that??
Answer: No dear, as its very hot now a days it happens. Drink lots of water, tender coconut
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