26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 26weeks pregnant... evn i don have any colostrum leakage til nw...

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Answer: Dear not all moms get the colostrum or breast leakage. So dont worry. Mostly moms dont haven't leakage till delivery so it doesn't mean that there is any problem so just relax..
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Question: Im 26weeks pregnant now.. Can i have green grapes ??
Answer: Grapes consumed in limited quantities can help improve the lifestyle and health both of mother and child. This is because of the nutrients they carry can prevent or fight a lot of diseases and illness.
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Question: I am 26weeks pregnant...i have daily leakage of milk from my breasts...is it normal
Answer: Hi dear. yes dear it is totally normal as it indicate that your breast has start producing milk for baby. you must be feeling problem due to this leakage so you can get to breast pads for yourself it will help you a lot .
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Question: I m 30 weeks pregnant,i m having colostrum leakage ?is there any problem?
Answer: Hello... No dear, it is normal, many women experience discharge in breast during pregnancy, preparing your body for child birth and lactation
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