32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 21 week pregnt heavy hunger pls tell me

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Question: I am 19 week pregnant i have heavy cold & couf pls tell me home remedies
Answer: Please try below- 1. Gargle 2-3 times a day with hot water plus salt 2. Take 1 teaspoon honey mix a few drops of fresh ginger juice(ginger juice can be prepared by grating a small piece of it and then pressing this to get liquid) and have it twice a day. 3. U can take hot water steam by mixing some vicks in it 4. Reduce congestion by placing humidifer in ur room 5. Take tea with ginger and tulsi Hope it helps
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Question: My baby girl heavy cough pls tell me??
Answer: Hello dear You can make a strip of cotton cloth..fill it with small amount of ajwain seeds,soak it into mustard oil an put around the neck of your baby. Dont tei the strip in tge neck only keep it around the neck. Mustard oil and ajwain helps to reduce the cough. You will get result as you do this in one night. When the oil is absorbed you can remove it. You can do this whenever your baby sleeps in day . It gives very quick result
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Question: Im 21 week pregnt my baby wegt is 325 gm its nrml
Answer: Hi. Yes its fine. Average weight of baby in 21 weeks should be 360gm. So your is fine.
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