19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Im 18week pregnant. I don't feel hungry these days..wht to do??

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Answer: Hi dear, Due to harmonal disbalance you are unable to eat and feeling loss of appetite, it is not a big deal, it happens.  you can continue your diet as earlier. No need to eat extra, only increase water quantity, and take more protein rich diet like dal, meat, egg, fish, dahi, paneer and take your precribed medicines on time. eat small portions and smaller but more frequent meals, avoid strong-smelling, fatty and spicy foods.  take some fruits or juice or any citrus fruits 1 hr before meal. It boosts n even coconut water makes you hungry.  keep watching no acid or gas issues there. That decrease appetite. 
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    Sulochana Bhandary643 days ago

    Thank u so much

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Question: I m 4 months pregnant nd I m having severe headache these days .wht to do ?
Answer: Hello dear.. Headache in pregnancy is quite common,it is due to increase of harmone and volume of blood,it can also occurs due to dehydration, sleep,stress ,lack of nutrition, follow these stepsto overcome head ache.. Have a nutritious diet,which contains all nutrients needed for baby's development Have 5-6small meals,it will help you from starving Sleep as well as possible, poor sleep will also lead to head ache Keep your mind relaxed,hear good songs Keep yourself engaged with any activity,so that you won't go to mood swings Practice breathing techniques,will be greater benefit for reducing headache
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Question: hey dr ..m 12 week pregnant. I don't wish to eat anything.. I don't feel hungry. wt to do??
Answer: Start eating in regular intervals forcefully... like have something nutritious in every 2hours...eg.. fruits, soups etc. Slowly n steadly it ll become habit and u ll start feeling hungry. Having good food is v necessary fof u baby development..
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Question: I always feel hungry these days. What should I do??
Answer: Break your meals in to 6-8 s day and eat frequently in little amount. Dont starve any more. Drink lots of water. Enjoy your pregnancy days :)
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