5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If some cases no Symptoms possible on pregnancy

2 Answers
Answer: Nothing to worry dear as many people will not have any kind of symptoms throughout the pregnancy feel lucky and enjoy your time
Answer: Yes, i had bloating only nothing else. So its totally fine
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Question: I have no symptoms of pregnancy .. If it is possible
Answer: Yes dear, is possible that you may not experience any morning sickness in first trimester. Even you can experience it from your second trimester onwards. However take a scan to check pregnancy progress. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is pregnancy possible if some symptoms appear before but no symptoms appear afterward, before missed period...
Answer: Hi dear, It is quite difficult to predict.as of now you need to wait for your missed period.donoy go by symptoms,as they often are similar to pms too.
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Question: Hello is it possible pregnancy with twins n no symptoms
Answer: Hi dear, Any pregnancy needs to be confirmed either through blood test or home pregnancy test. Donot go by symptoms to confirm your pregnancy.
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