12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If nt scan comes 2.4..is it normal

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Answer: Hi dear 2.4 mm NT scan is within the normal range however if you have not received your blood test report please wait for sometime and I am sure that they are also going to be fine so unless it is a 3 mm there is no major problem.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Is 1.1mm measurement of NT scan normal?
Answer: Hi, a baby with an 1.1mmNT is within the normal range.normal NT thickness generally ranges from 0.5-1.9mm.even it is more than 2.5mm, most of the babies will not have downs syndrome.so not to worry.it is normal.take care and all the best
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Question: If NT scan is normal,shall we consider teffa scan also normal??i am worrying about teffa scan
Answer: NT/NB scan is for detecting chromosomal abnormalities only.. while tiffa scan is for checking overall body formation, heart, lungs, kidneys, brain etc.. so both scans have their importance and are mandatory..
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Question: If nt scan report came normal means then automatically tIffa scan report will also be normal?
Answer: During pregnancy both scan has different purpose NT scan used to measure Michael translucency while tiffa scan is used to look all baby organs at this time you will know about birth defects If any happen
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