8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: If grapes are not allowed then what abouy raisins ?

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Answer: hi dear some people say that it is good to eat grapes during pregnancy where is some people would not agree with that . grapes contains amounts of reversatol which may cause toxicity to the expectant mother which is not scientifically proven . hence it is good to eat grapes in good amount and try to avoid in empty stomach as it may causes diarrhoea due to weak digestive system . pregnant women have more hormonal changes . Raisins helps in regulating the hormones and keep the body's digestive system healthy . so it is good to take grapes as well as Raisins in good amount and in proper time
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Question: If my grapes are black dotted then it's good for my baby or not
Answer: Hi.. No dear avoid it. The main reason is the high amounts of a resveratrol present in grapes. Acidity becomes common along with nausea and vomiting for pregnant women if she eats too many of it. It might lead to loose motions as well...
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Question: is travelling allowed during first trimester?? if not then what r the consequences??
Answer:  Hii Ideally traveling may not be an issue during early pregnancy, but it depends on the means of transport and also on the destination. Change of weather, water, food etc. apart from motion sickness can cause discomfort to a pregnant lady. During this weather you may also be more susceptible to catch cold , cough etc.However, if your doc has mentioned that your pregnancy requires you to take rest then it's in the best of your interest to avoid travelling. Having said that, it's also very important to take every precaution while travelling during pregnancy (be it any week). Do avoid long hours where you have to remain seated. Keep taking breaks where you walk around a bit. Stay hydrated. Keep eating mini meals at regular intervals of time (that takes care of your sugar level). And dont feel shy to ask for help from your fellow passengers whenever you feel the need for it. Remember, pregnancy is a beautiful phase. Enjoy every bit of it. Enjoy responsibly and you and your baby should be fine!
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Question: Can i take raisins and grapes
Answer: Of course.. U can have any dry fruits of ur Choice.. Bt make sure u wash d grapes properly.. Bcz it has lots of chemical on its peel.. Not only grapes wash all d fruits with salt water to ensure its safety...
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