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Question: If amh is .394 would you recommend conception with own eggs or donor eggs ?

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Answer: Hi dear! So any value under 1.0 is considered that the women has a low ovarian reserve yes you can get pregnant with your egg but the chances of the pregnancy reduces dear as the levels are really low. So better is you will have to take a donor egg dear. Just visit your doctor before taking any decision dear. Take care.
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Question: My name is Ranjitha. My AMH level is 0.64. In this level do I need donor help or can I get conceive with my own egg? Please answer me soon, I'm in tense
Answer: hi dear! The level of AMH in the blood can help doctors estimate the number of follicles inside the ovaries, and therefore, the woman's egg count. so the normal range for amh starts from 1.5 so your is a bit towards the lower side. which means that the ovarian reserve has been reduced. so in your case tha chances of conceiving from your own eggs seem to be a little problem. if your age is above 35 then we can go for ivf but if your below 35 then we should just give some hormone therapy and try for conceiving dear. as above 35 yrs different factors affect the fertility. and in both the things your eggs will be used . so dont worry you wont need a donors egg, it will be your own. do visit a fertility specialist for consultation dear. take care! and goodluck!
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Question: If AMH is 1.310 n estradiol us <11.20 what would you duggest for IVF
Answer: I will not now. I will suggest medications if its your first try at age of 30. You will need an iui if everything is ok. Have you screened for further fertility tests?
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Question: Does low AMH reduce the chance of natural conception if periods are regular too.i have AMH 0.48.
Answer: Dear A normal level is greater than 2, and this would correlate with normal fertility. Much like any other test processed in a lab, mistakes can be made and tests sometimes need to be performed twice to ensure reliability. Don`t let a low AMH take away your hope of having a family…there is still a reasonable chance that a pregnancy can occur. Some natural ways to raise AMH levels includes those suffering from a vitamin D deficiency were significantly more likely to suffer from a low AMH compared to those without vitamin D deficiency. Consult your doctor for a vitamin D supplement. Supplementing with DHEA is also showing a lot of promise for those with low AMH.  Please talk to your doctor about supplementing with DHEA as taking this on your own is not recommended. And finally a healthy and balanced diet plays a very important role. Hope it helps.
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