5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam trying to concieve i have mild pcos amh level is 6.2 and m 2 days late on my period having milky white discharge and back ache abdomen slight pain also colour change around nipple so when can i check pregnancy

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Answer: Hi! first of all if it has been only 2 days for you to miss your period I would suggest you to please wait for few more days and around 8th day you can check your pregnancy in a test at home and if the test strip shows you to pink line that means you have conceived .. Hope this helps
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    null_1007_655546636 days ago

    Now after 2days iwill test again as will complete 8day ..hoping for the positive result.

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Question: My period is late for 9 days can i check for pregnancy and there is also little bit white discharge and back pain
Answer: Hi dear, Yes, offcource you can check your pregnancy now.as pregnancy hormones must have risen enough to show positive result.test it with first urine of morning.wish you all the best!
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Question: Hi im late on my periods by 3 days no smptoms of periods at all only i have milky white discharge and slight back and abdomen pain also color change around nipple.im trying to concieve since 2 month when should l test.i hv mild pcos in dec 2017 had done d&c for anencephly baby of 14 week.i m on folic acid since 4 month
Answer: Dear, first check tomorrow morning, if you get negative results then again check after 3 days. Sometimes symptoms is not present still you could be pregnant.
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Question: M 15 weeks,since today morning m having slight back ache and leg cramps..mild lower abdomen pain is also there and watery discharge...is it normal
Answer: Hi,Dear Congratulations for your pregnancy,Yes its normal in pregnancy its quite common,Due to growing uterus stretches when baby grows weight also gains and hormonal changes thats why back pains nd legs pain cramps and abodmen pain starts try these remedies. Get the right gear. Wear low-heeled — not flat shoes with good arch support. dont sleep in straight Sleep on your side. Try heat, cold or massage. Include physical activity in your daily routine.u should sleep on soft bed. when u sleep comfortably u ll get relief in pain .dear u go 4 walk daily as 15 to 30. So dont worry take proper rest .take care
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