8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam scaaning in7th week but in scanning it shows 5th week noheartbeat also

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Answer: Hello dear. There is nothing to worry as far as baby showing of 5 week is concerned. week 1 is your last period, week 2 is of fertilization and then week 3 is when the implanation takes place. And finally in week four you are missing your periods and pregnant. You are not pregnant til your baby implats itself in week 3. Doctors just use your LMP to figure out a EDD. Hope this is helpful.
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Question: Iam 7 weeks pregnant now .but the scanning shows its 5 weeks. Why is it so?
Answer: Hi as if you conceived late in your periods then the difference may occur as the LMP is considered for gestational age and ultrasound is more accurate as it calculate the baby growth and development. So the difference occurs. Don't worry it's normal. Take care
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Question: Iam in 5th month ... Is it compulsory to go for scanning
Answer: No, its not compulsary at starting of 5th month but by the end of 5th month or strting 6th month u have to go becoz that is the only tym.when ur baby all parts are checked that evrything is normal. If ur doc. Is saying for ultrasound then u must have to go. All the best
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Question: After upt test i am scanning in 7 th week but in scanning it shows 5th week doctors told me to scan after 2 weeks can i scan after 2 weeks or in after 3 month
Answer: No just follow the doc. Early pregnancy test is very important. Don't neglect. Go for scan in a couple of weeks.. u'll get to hear ur baby's heart beat as well.👍
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