8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam feeling too weak... First i feel nausea.. and then i vomit.. then i feel terribly weak.. i dont feel like sitting also.. i always like to sleep... Iam still 7 weeks or maybe less than that.. but is this normal to have this level of weakness in early pregnancy? What can i do to overcome weakness..

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Answer: This happened to me also and i lost 4 kg weight in first trimester. With time it will get better. But to avoid weakness talk to your doctor. They will prescribe medicines for vomit, nausea and heartburn. That will help you and you will start eating normally.
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Question: I dont like to eat foods i dont feel hungry ... After eating im feeling nausea... Is it normal
Answer: Hi dear. yes dear it's totally normal during first trimester of pregnancy . but you are not supposed to remain hungry as it is not good for both you and your baby if you don't like solid food then rely on fruit juices and other liquid such as banana shake mango shake papaya shake etc.you can avoid strong smelling and only food as it can trigger nausea but try to avoid fruits. Eat 2 salty biscuits even before getting out of bed, it will supress nausea. Keep sipping water throughout the day. Take plenty of rest
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Question: Mam..iam 5 weeks pregnant..iam always feeling weak..suddenly getting fever..mouth is like sour taste..feeling to sleep always..
Answer: Hello dear, these kind of symptoms will be there for the first three months of pregnancy. Your body is undergoing a lot of hormonal changes which is kind of throwing away these symptoms at you. Have faith in yourself and this too shall pass. After first three or four months, these symptoms will go away on its own and you will feel energetic and happy. Good luck.
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Question: I dnt feel any nausea or vomit like feeling . Is it too early to look for signs
Answer: Hello dear It is totally normal if u don't have any symptoms of pregnancy such as nausea or vomit. There is nothing to worry as it is common to many ladies. Many women don't face any problem throughout their pregnancy while some faces it throughout their pregnancy. Just enjoy ur pregnancy as u are lucky enough to not have such symptoms.
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