6 months old baby

Question: Iam feeling giddiness when am feeding my baby.is it normal

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Answer: Hello there... No this is not normal.. Have you eaten well. Breastfeeding does consume lots of energy. So before you breastfeed your baby Make sure you eaten well Make sure your well rested Make sure your hydrated. Hope this helps.
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Question: Iam feeling giddiness in morning is it normal in 7 month of pregnency
Answer: Hi dear, Dizzyness in pregnancy is common.it could be very normal.maximum blood flow is to the uterus and less to the other parts of body.some also complain of numbness in fingers.low blood supply to brain could cause dizzyness.thanks to the pregnancy hormones.low BP could also cause dizzyness.keep drinking plenty of water as dehydration can lead to dizzyness.always sleep on your sides and never on your back.aleeping on your back could cause dizzyness by pressing the spinal nerve.hope your sugar levels are fine.keep eating smaller meals in frequent intervals to maintain your sugar levels.increased body weight makes one imbalanced too.take rest whenever you feel dizzy....
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Question: Iam feeling giddiness
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy and all the best for your motherhood. The hormonal changes are likely the cause of fatigue. Your body is producing more blood to carry nutrients to your growing baby. Your blood sugar levels and blood pressure are also lower and this is the reason you feel tiered during pregnancy. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: I am feeling pain in my stomach with every movement of my baby.Is this normal?
Answer: Hi dear, Yes,some ladies Unfortunately gets severe pain as and when baby moves.it is normal but painful.the kicks if some babies are strong enough and the tenderness of the pelvic muscles is sensitive to the movements.there is no remedy as such.have patience and take deep breath whenever you feel the pain.try changing your position.
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