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Question: Iam 7th month pregncy doctor said that i have urine prblm is it big prblm to me a madam is it affect to my baby a say me iam tentioned about this

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Answer: Dear urine infection is very common during pregnancy and happens because of hormonal changes or water retention and low hygiene. So dont worry just take the medicine to treat it because if treated on time it will not cause any harm to baby. also increase your fluid intake because the more liquid you will drink the more you will pee and the infection will come out of your system through urine but do consult with the doctor.
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    Vasanthi Ram878 days ago

    I have consult my doctor she gave a powder and tonic iam using those its not a problm no but itching is not gowing sir what i should do

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Question: Iam 7th mnth pregency my urine infection is not harm to my baby no madam iam tentioned about this tell me madam
Answer: hi dear! urinary tract is different from the uterus dear. your baby is growing in the uterus and the infection you have is in the urinary system dear. dont worry it wont affect the baby but that does no means you should not be treated. you should take antibiotics dear prescribed by the doctor . and if you are using a handspray to clean the area then you should stop using that instead use a tissue and damp the area after you go for pee. the only time you apply hand spray is when you have gone for a poop. other wise stop using it as it will just aggrevate the infection. and also drink a lot of water this will help to flush out the infection faster. take care dear.
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Question: Ism 7th mnth pregency my urine infection is not harm tomy baby no madam iam tenstioned about this say madam
Answer: hi dear if it's a urinary tract infection then it needs to be treated as early as possible you need to speak to your doctor your doctor will help you with a medication which you have to be on to treat it and at the same time you need to ensure to drink a lot of water buttermilk Lassi fruit juices at 17 to keep yourself hydrated and to flush that bacteria out of your system you can also have curd because it has probiotic and Cranberry juice is one of the best thing to have during UTI to treated naturally .. Hope this helps
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Question: Hi ,iam 7th month pregency iam getting some white discharge is this common in pregency a or any problm a iam getting this prblm from 2 days because doctor said that i have urine infection because of that infection they gave me a powder and tonic to drink so is their any prblm
Answer: White discharge is common during pregnancy and afcourse urine infection is also a common problem since ur immunity gets suppressed during pregnancy so stop worrying and take the prescribed medicines properly
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