26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Iam 6th month pregnant, i have alopecia problem in childhood onwords, now also iam getting this problem, full of hairfal like round patches, i lot of worried, what can i do plz suggest me, nd i have one doubt, my baby also facing this problem?

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Answer: Hi dear if you have alopecia since childhood and you are getting to experience the same problem now in your pregnancy I would suggest you to please check it with a dermatologist because this is not a normal or common hair fall which would be find out the delivery or few home remedies of would be helpful so in that case I think seeking professionals help is important.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hiiii ,iam 14weeks pregnant sometimes suddenly iam getting lot of sweat nd feeling like feverish ,,is this problem to my baby?????
Answer: That may b due to hormone fluctuaion. Every pregnancy has different symptom. In some cases temperature of body also rises but fever is not a good symptom so better to tell yr doctor. If fever will be there that will effect yr baby. But if the temperature is due to pregnancy symptoms that doesn't effect
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Question: Hello, i have frequent urination few days. Full day i am peeing lot. night also i am facing the same problem. I feel uneasy nowadays. Is this normal??
Answer: Hi this is quite natural. In pregnancy uterus will expand day by day. Expansion of uterus will supress the urine bag. This causes frequent urination
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Question: I have two sons. The elder one has atopic dermatitis and faces a lot of problem. The younger one is two months old and i see lot of dry patches on his skin especially at the back. Worried. Please help.
Answer: You plz show your younger son to specialist to avoid any doubts. Don't follow any advices from internet.
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