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Question: Iam 6 months pregnent today small amount of blooding any serious problem

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Answer: Hello dear, Any time you have vaginal bleeding, you should talk to your doctor. "In your second or third trimester, it could mean you have a tear in your placenta or another problem that should be diagnosed by ultrasound,"  "But don't panic, most bleeding during pregnancy doesn't lead to long-term problems." If you find again better to consult your doctor. 
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Question: Today morning I have small amount bleeding. Is it any problem? Please help me
Answer: hi this can be implantation bleeding which can happen when fertilized egg implantation to the lining of the uterus to be on the safe side it is advisable to consult the doctor
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Question: During pregnancy small amount of blood is occurred is it serious problem?.,
Answer: Hello dear, don't panic, In your first 12 weeks, keep in mind that many women spot during the first trimester, so spotting probably doesn't mean you're having a miscarriage. If your spotting is continue without stop, immediately consult your doctor. 
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Question: Iam 6 months pregnant, while coughing and sneezing a very small amount of urine is leaking😢
Answer: That is common due to frequency to go for urinals... U should try to hold that..dont cough or sneeze forcefully...
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