19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I wanted to know about baby's movement, i feel like something is scrolling under tummy but i am confused about the exact location, where it should b felt? In lower abdomen only or i can feel it anywhere in my abdominal area? Please guide

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Answer: Hi during 19th week you can feel only scrolling /butterfly movements bcz baby will be small. Around 30th week you can able to notice the baby movements clearly. Slowly your tummy will grow. Right now you can feel only in lower abdomen. Don't worry slowly it will change around 30th week you can feel near to your chest grib. So enjoy your pregnancy..
Answer: Hii dear ....baby movements you can get clearly after the 5 months ...drink Luke warm water & lyedown in left side now you.can feel baby movements ..gudluck...
Answer: Hello.. Initially the movement is like that only like scrolling, ball moving, etc. Enjoy your baby's kicks .. have an wonderful phase of pregnancy
Answer: Mam baby movements tummy mein kahi b ho sakti hai but abhi baby bht chota hota hai to uski movements lower abdomen mein hi feel hogi.
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Question: Hai moms......Am getting lite pain in lower abdomen sometimes....Am feeling something inside stomach is it movement?and wr does movement can't felt exact place..
Answer: If this is your second pregnancy then it might be baby movement
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Question: Just wanted to know what is stiffness in lower abdomen sometimes, is it baby movement.
Answer: Hi dear. it is due to baby's body , for example if you will touch her skull that is her head then obviously you will feel hard and stiff there. so don't worry
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Question: Hi. Can anybody help me where is exact movement happen in 6 months pregnancy. I feel only in lower abdominal is it normal.
Answer: Movements are happened any part of the stomach. That means baby is moves all over the belly. It is normal.
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