8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I wanted know about discharge during pregnancy..sometimes is liquid thin white and sometimes pale yellow liquid.?

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Answer: Hi dear Thin white milky discharge with mild smell is common in pregnancy. It is due to change in harmonal changes.If u experience any itching it may be due to some vaginal infection and gud to consult ur doctor
Answer: While pregnant also discharge happens . White vaginal discharge happens. Due to overheat time there will be yellow discharge.
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Question: I'm in 15weeks pregnant. .I have white and pale yellow discharge is any problem in this
Answer: If u are having odourless discharge then no need to worry because its normal in pregnancy but if there is odour please consult ur doctor
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Question: Helloo.from one week onwards white discharge is thick like watery curd and sometimes thin some times itching is there when the body is heated.to day white discharge is pale yellow no smell i am worried about it.plzzzz suggest
Answer: If its curd like white and itching it might be candid infection. Nothing much to worry consult your doctor
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Question: Hi...I am seeing pale yellow discharge sometimes when I pee and wipe with tissue paper..is this normal??
Answer: Please consult your doctor immediately.. Pale yellow disharge may be bcz of urinary tract infection..
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