5 months old baby

Question: I want to start solids for my 5 month bby. With what i can do so.. what will be best for him ? He has constipation problem too and cough also.

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Answer: You can start giving cerelac to baby and once the baby will start digesting it you can include fruits and rice water.
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    Rhythm Musix406 days ago

    If your baby is constipation try to give Oly some amount of water regularly like two teaspoon but not in the evening.. give fruit puree like boiled and mashed apple, pears and veg like mashed carrot and potato

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Question: My baby is 4 months and 15 days old. When can I start feeding him solids? Also what will be the frequency of giving solids and breast milk
Answer: After completing 4 months I visited Dr. .so he told me u can give solid food from now..but in very little quantity 1 spoon for a day upto 15 days
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Question: Can i start giving semi solids for my 5 month baby?? If so what i can start with?? Can i also give mashed rice for 5 month baby??
Answer: Hi dear ,you should ideally wait til the baby is 6 months old.but it is ok if you have already started You can give mashed fruits Dal ka pani. rice ka pani If the baby is able to digest the then you can start with fruit puree and Mashed rice. But go slow Start only one new item in a day Continue fir 2-4 days if the baby is able to digest it and then go ahead Take care
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Question: Can i start solids for my baby he will be 5 months in 8 days
Answer: It is better to wait till he completes 6 months. then start solids, 2 tsp a day once daily for a week then gradually increase the frequency first and quantity later.
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