12 months old baby

Question: I want to start my study.can i quit breastfeeding of 12month old baby.

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Answer: U can study breastfeeding, u don ve to stop it... U can feed whenever u r free...
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Question: My son is 15 months old n I want to quit the breastfeeding ...plz tell the remedy.....
Answer: Hi dear, Quitting breastfeeding post 15 months needs little patience and determination,as toddler gets addicted to it.now that your milk supply would be comparitively less,you might not have issue with breast engorgement.but still for comfort you can place a cabbage leaf inside the bra.wear a comfortable bra,and can use cold gels to sooth th breasts.gradually reduce the day tim feeding first,as it is easy to distract baby from breastfeeding at day time.as they get quite playful.night feeding can be stopped by making your baby sleep with your husband or anyone else .donot go near the baby during night.it could take few days to week to make your baby go off breastfeeding.so have patience.this is how I did.and it worked.
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Question: my son is 2years old and I want now he quit breast feeding.. give some ideas
Answer: Never stop breastfeeding without trying to do it slowly. I recommend starting very slowly. A good trick I learned was to cut back by one feeding for 2 – 3 days and then continue the cycle. So following the criteria above, I would recommend: • 3 expressions per day for 3 days • 2 expressions per day for 3 days • 1 expression per day for 3 days You’ll find that the average time is 7 – 10 days for the milk to dry completely, and this is rather standard. There’s little you can do to stop breast milk production tomorrow. But you can follow the guidelines above to slowly get your body to stop producing milk. You can stop pumping & touching…the more you feed the more milk is produced Natural pain relievers that are proven to work well when trying to stop producing breast milk are: • Apply cold Cabbage Leaves • Apply crushed ice packs
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Question: Hi all.... My baby is 9 months old... I want her to quit brest feed... What can I do...
Answer: Hello dear... Babies are hard weird to breastfeed feeding,we can't easily let them wean,so slow and gradually we can start the weaning process,below are the tips to be followed for weaning... You can start skipping the feed session slowly,for example if you feed for four times,then gradually reduce to three ,two session,and completely stop feeding If you are staying with inlaws,make your kid sleep with grand parents for couple of days,or send them to close relatives home for two days,so that they forget feeding You can apply Neem oil on nipple,so that biterness in the Neem, will make them not to suck again,can keep jasmine flower in breast will  dryup your milk production
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