13 months old baby

Question: I want to know till when i can use breast pump for ny baby?

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Answer: You want to ask at what time u can use this... U can use at ay stage whenever u feel it important to use. If u have a good supply u can pump and store in fridge for other feeds
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Question: Can i use pump for baby feeding.. till how long can i store breast milk ...
Answer: Yes dear, you can use, you can keep freshly expressed breast milk  at room temperature for 4-5 hours. However, use or proper storage within four hours is optimal, included cooler, refrigerator .  try to feed fresh milk always. Because milk storage is a option, when you don't physically available there. 
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Question: Till when can I use breast pump??
Answer: Hello! You can use breast pump as long as you want to feed the baby and you are not directly able to feed so need to store the milk and give the baby. There is no harm in pumping. Take care
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Question: I am working of a 4 month old baby,till when can i use breast pump?
Answer: Yes you can use breast pump because till 10 month milk essential for your baby so it's use for baby is best
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