7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I want to know it is a boy baby r girl baby

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Answer: Hi Dear! I can understand how excited you are for the new member to arrive and its true that USG scans can detect gender but unfortunately in our country it is illegal due to unpleasant infanticides which took place in the past and still taking specially with girl child, so there is no way you can know about the gender of an unborn baby. Hope this helps!
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Question: I want to know my baby is girl r boy?
Answer: hello dear old wives told some tips through their experience to know the gender of unborn baby but scientifically not proved these tips.  If you constantly reach for meat, cheese, or other salty foods, then you'll be having a boy, according to this old wives' tale. Yearning for sugar and spice and every sweet thing in the store? The baby must be a girl. Observe your curves Does it feel like your face is getting rounder by the hour? According to this traditional Latin American belief, you should get ready for a daughter. If your face is unchanged, but your behind is growing big and round you will have a son.
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Question: I want to know whether i hve a baby boy r a girl
Answer: Hi dear, To know the gender you need to take up a scan in second trimester.thoygh gender of the baby is decided at the time of fertilization only,but the genitals are visible only from second trimester scan.unfortunately in India it is illegal to find out the gender.doctors cannot disclose it either.thre is no other way to find out the gender.there will be lot of myths around regarding the type of symptoms indicating a specific gender,all are false.therw is no scientific evidence to those symptoms....
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Question: I want to know it is baby boy or girl...
Answer: Hii Hii I tried baking soda trick. slowly pour the urine into the baking soda and watch to see if it fizzes.mix same qty each.If the urine fizzes or sizzles in the baking soda, you’re supposedly having a boy. If nothing happens and it stays flat, you’re supposedly having a girl.it happens to be right as I had fizz and now I have baby boy
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Question: I want to know it is baby girl or boy
Answer: The sure way of knowing the baby's gender is by an ultrasound scan..and..Unfortunately this is considered as illegal in India...so please be patient and wait for your baby to arrive dear..
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