6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I want abort is it possible

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Answer: Hi dear, It is sad to know that you want to abort due to you carelessness.you should have taken enough precautions while having sex.there are so many ladies who are dying to conceive,and here you are talking about aborting.i am sorry but there's nothing I could help you,moreover no home remedies for abortion.you have to visit hospital to get it done.
Answer: can u say d reason that y do u want 2 abort
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Question: Am 5 month pregnant but now i want to abort it becaz of family issues is it possible at this time?
Answer: Isn't it too late to decide? you know your situation best, and am imagining it must be something very severe and out of control circumstances that have pushed you to think of this extreme step. I have nothing against abortion. It's our body and we have all the right to decide for it. If you really think you can't support the child, then there is no point giving him a miserable life, even if you give him to orphanage there will be a big void in his life wch no1 can ever fill up. But as your in 5th month, it's best to talk to you doctor very often they are in contact with childless couples, she can very easily arrange for adoption. A family who ll love your child as theirs, wouldn't that be great gift for your child. Let him come in this world, he is more than mass now! Discuss your case with doctor if she agrees for abortion also (wch I doubt) then go ahead. Free your mind from all social and religious stigma before taking a step. There is no point making a child bear the suffering of your and your families incompetence. Consult your doctor.
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Question: Is it possible to abort with medicine without surgical method?
Answer: Hii yes it is possible if u r in ur early pregnancy and u have No such complication in it pregnancy. The abortion pills are not recommended for you if you have certain medical conditions such as heart disease, asthma, diabetes, bleeding problems or hypertension or when fitted with an intra-uterine device because of the problems associated with the abortion pill. It is ineffective in the case of ectopic pregnancy. There are two types of abortions Medical Abortions (Consumption of pills)Vaginal/Surgical Method The choice of the type depends on how many weeks pregnant you are. After 9 weeks, surgical abortion is usually the only option. The risks from having an abortion in the second trimester are higher than in the first trimester. Kindly discuss dis with ur partner and then consult doctor for further assistant. All the best b
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Question: I am 6 months pregnant but i have to abort it...how it is possible?
Answer: How come u decided to abort a baby while ur 6month is running.. If u did not want to have ur baby then u should have decided at a very initial days of pregnancy.. Ab apka 6month he or ab apko abort krna he.. Ur baby is completely formed by now.. Just for d sake of ur studies don't take a life which is within u
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