19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I've been told in today's level II ultrasound that my baby's having two vessel cord (condition called SUA). According to doctor there is no such abnormality seen but I am still very worried. What should I do....unable to keep this thought away from my mind.. feeling so down.

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Question: Hey! M 35 weeks pregnant and still my baby's weight iz just 2kg. What should I do about it??
Answer: To increase baby weight have healthy protein rich foods, fruits, milk twice a day, with milk u can have protein powder or even horlicks, two eggs, dry fruits etc!! N stay hydrated!
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Question: Very worried I cannot see my baby bump not movements nor there is increase in my weight
Answer: May be because u r not having a good diet. Eat healthy after every 2 hours at least and drink lots of fluid
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Question: In my baby anus region so reddish I don't know what to do?
Answer: R u using diapers for baby.then it might be rashes sp use diaper rash creams
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