8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I used surfaz nz for itching. Is it safe during pregnancy. I have used it once will it have some negative effect on baby. M worried

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Answer: It is completely safe
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Question: Will mastubration have an effect on baby? Is it safe to masturbate during pregnancy? please reply
Answer: dear it's completely depend on how your pregnancy is going like if your pregnancy is smooth and there is no complication and doctor didn't advise any precautions then you can masturbate but if there is any complications included in your pregnancy then its not advisable to do it because it can cause a lot of complications in pregnancy....
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Question: Is fingering safe during pregnancy. Will it effect baby
Answer: Please keep your nails cleaned and trimmed. To avoid infection and the off chance of hurting yourself.
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Question: I have got ringworm during this time m worried will it have any affect on pregnancy????
Answer: Don't neglect any kind of infections, just consult dr before taking any medicines.
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