15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: I took scan 3weeks b4 and now I feel bad and wanted to knw how my baby's heart beat is active this s so negative but I wanted to knw is it ok to b normal or sud I go for scan

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Answer: You are really thinking alot.. be positive ur babie is fine
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Question: Is tat blood test S necessary in 14 week. I took only scan is this ok
Answer: yes blood test is definition mandatory once after your pregnancy is confirmed to ensure 1.your HB level is in range or if it is lesser than normal you may start your iron supplements earlier and concentrate on your diet to increase your blood count 2. next important thing is to check on your thyroid levels if you are detected with pregnancy thyroid earlier you can also start your thyroid medicine because thyroid hormones play a very important in the brain development of the baby ... hence it is important to test ur blood .. 3..random blood sugar is lso checked..so u xan take ur blood test as ur dr suggests without hesitation
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Question: Hi, I need your suggestion. My LMP was 19th may. So doctor suggested me to go for scan. So i took a scan on july16th but could not find heart beat. Will this be a problem?
Answer: I can understand how tensed you must be now.But please do not worry Generally sac yolk heartbeat appears from six weeks to eight weeks of pregnancy The basic point we need to understand here is your weeks are calculated based on your lmp and it's entirely different from the day you got conceived It happens if you have conceived in the later stages of ovulation cycle So please wait and get another ultrasound done and I wish everything would be fine Don't worry Wait and get another ultrasound done Take care
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Question: Hi I'm 8 week pregnant now when do I go for scan to hear my baby's heart beat
Answer: Now u can go for scan n hear ur baby's heartbeat... My scan was also done at 8th week
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